For Homeowners

The following information, downloads, and links are provided for the benefit of Colts Neck Cluster homeowners.  Additional documents for homeowners, including Cluster Resale Disclosure Documents, are available within the private section of our site.  If you have lost/forgotten the password, please contact us.

Cluster Dues
Invoices are sent to cluster homeowners on a quarterly basis for cluster dues and trash/recycling for the previous quarter.  Payments may be placed in the treasurer’s mailbox (currently at 11951 Escalante Ct.), or mailed to the cluster at:  P.O. Box 3802, Reston, VA, 20195.

We are accept payments via Zelle.  For more about using Zelle, please visit

Zelle payments must be routed to

Cluster Design Standards
The Cluster standards are maintained officially by Reston Association’s Design Review Board (DRB) and govern the exterior appearance of all structures and grounds within the Cluster, including home exteriors and components (paint, windows, doors, fences/decks, retaining walls, etc.) and common area structures such as carports.  All exterior features within the Cluster are required to conform with Cluster standardsAny and all exterior changes to a homeowner’s property must be first reviewed and approved by the DRB.   You can find the latest information on Reston Association’s website.

Maintaining or refurbishing an already approved exterior feature does not need review or approval as long as it retains its original DRB-approved design.  It is always a good idea to check with the Reston Association before making any changes to the exterior of your home or property.  For more information on this process, visit the Reston Association Website.  The Colts Neck Cluster Standards are available on this page.

Cluster Handbook
Several years ago the Colts Neck Cluster board of directors put together a handbook for cluster homeowners.  The handbook contains information on cluster history and operation, home design standards, parking regulations, home maintenance tips, and much more.  The handbook is available as a PDF file here – Colts Neck Cluster Homeowner’s Handbook.

Reston Association – Property Owner Resources

The Reston Association maintains a helpful website with resources for Reston property owners, including information about the design review process, obtaining resale disclosure documents, how cluster associations operate, and much more.  Visit their home page for these and other resources.

Reston Association – Governing Documents
The Colts Neck Cluster Association is organized within Reston Association and is therefore governed by RA’s governing documents.  These are available on RA’s website at this link.  Article VII of the Deed of Dedication provides rules for Cluster operations.

Trash and Recycling
Trash is collected twice weekly, on Mondays and Thursdays.  Recycling is collected once weekly, on Thursdays.  During spring and summer, lawn waste is picked up on Wednesdays.  Trash and recycling service for the cluster is provided by AAA Recycling and Trash Removal.  For information about this service, including what trash will be collected and what is recyclable, please visit this web page.  For disposal or recycling of chemicals, electronics, building materials, and other items see the Fairfax County web page on recycling and trash.

Parking Information

Each home in the cluster is assigned one covered parking space in the carports that are owned and maintained by the Colts Neck Cluster Association.  All other parking spaces are open to cluster residents and their guests.  During snowstorms, certain areas must be left clear for piling snow cleared from the road – see the Cluster Snow Map below for details.  For more information on parking regulations, see the current Cluster Bylaws, or the Cluster Handbook, described above.

Colts Neck Cluster snow map